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Important Note
Complete names and addresses are given, should you wish to contact or communicate with them for purposes of verifying their testimonials. However, there are some who, for personal reasons, prefer to remain anonymous. Hence, their complete names and addresses are not indicated in the following TRUE-TO-LIFE TESTIMONIALS of satisfied MASA Squalene users:

Terminal cervical cancer

“I had been suffering from terminal cervical cancer, stage 3. My support medications, including blood transfusions, were not doing me any good. I was then released from the hospital to just wait before I breathe my last. Since I knew I was going to die soon, I refused to undergo cobalt treatment or chemotherapy.

“ Right away, upon knowing of the seriousness of my case, my uncle Doring sent me two MASA Squalene Premium Bottles (200 capsules, 500 mg per capsule), which he said I should take, three capsules 30 minutes before each meal, or 9 capsules a day. To my great surprise, and that of my doctor, too, in 10 short days, I made a dramatic improvement. I was able to stand up and from my former bedridden status, I could now walk around the house. I could even cook my own favorite foods, as I gained a good appetite and enjoyed sound sleep. I pray real hard that I will fully recover, as I religiously continue taking MASA Squalene.” – Lita, SM, Zambales, Philippines.

Terminal abdominal cancer

Dr. Allen Sills of John Hopkins University, in his study, says ‘that tumor treated with Squalene showed no growth but actually shrunk, and it was able to prevent its metastasis.’ This was found true in the case of my sister. The big tumor in her abdomen was terminal cancer. On the first day she took MASA Squalene 3 capsules before each meal, she was able to move her bowels full of dead blood and pus. Her agonizing pains started to subside, as her tumor grew smaller and smaller. After 30 days, she had herself checked again. My sister was found negative of cancer.” - Virgie Mendoza, Caloocan City, Philippines

Cancer of the liver

“I failed to take good care of myself, while drinking heavily for a long time. Last May 16, I was diagnosed as suffering from cancer of the liver. I was terrified. I had to take a lot of medicine prescribed for me but never got well. I’m thankful that a kind-hearted man, a local pastor, gave me MASA Squalene. I tried it and I got well.” - Tito Empenado, Zone Pechay II, Paknaan, Mandaue City, Philippines

MASA Squalene stops leukemia

“My daughter Mitchelle was always dizzy, pale and anemic. If not treated soon, she would develop leukemia, according to our family doctor. Her nose used to bleed and I got more scared when blood showed in her stool. However, each time my husband bought MASA Squalene for his personal use, I would give Mitchelle some. It was a miracle because my daughter got well after a few months.”– Aniceta Coyonan, Tabuyao, Apalit, Pampanga, Philippines

High Blood Pressure: 240/100

“At 43 years old, I had high blood pressure. One day it shot up to 240/100! My left ear started to bleed, my face was bloated and my eyes had practically closed. I was near death so I was rushed to the Sacred Heart Hospital in Legazpi City and was confined there for two weeks under the care of a lady doctor. She said, “You should be thankful the bleeding was in your left ear. If it had taken place elsewhere in your brain, you would have died.” However, all the treatment and medications at the hospital failed to lower my blood pressure. When all else seemed hopeless, my sister Sabrina came to see me, asking me to take MASA Squalene. My recovery was dramatic. My blood pressure dropped to 130/90!” – Juancho O. Cevallos, San Roque, Purok 2, Legazpi City, Philippines

Agapito Del Rosario St., Angeles City, Philippines

I am Dr. Dardani C. David, M.D., Geriatrician and Internist (Diplomate & Fellow in Gerontology & Geriatrics), active medical practitioner and director of the Good Samaritan Clinic, Angeles City. I also add:

1. That I had hypertension with blood pressure of 180/110 for the past 10 yrs.
2. That I am also a diabetic type II – diabetes mellitus. (Urine sugar: ++++)

A. MEDICINE TAKEN: a) Daonil 5 mg; b) Charantia capsule; c) Natrilix (Indapamide-Generic) 2.5 mg
B. RESULTS: (1) Fasting Blood Sugar: 180 mg % (2) Blood Pressure: 140/90 with Natrilix – 2.5 mg

3. After 2 weeks of taking MASA Squalene, my BP now ranges from 110/70 to 120/80.
4. For high blood pressure

MASA Squalene 1 capsule 500 mg 2x a day
Natrilix – 2.5 mg
BP – 110/70

5. For diabetes mellitus

2 – MASA Squalene capsules daily
1 – Daonil 5 mg Normal urine sugar
1 – Charantia capsule (F.B.S. – 140 mg %)

Note: (1) When MASA Squalene was removed from the medication, the result was increased urine sugar. Blood Pressure: 140/90 (with Natrilix – 2.5 mg) urine sugar ++++
(2) With MASA Squalene – Blood Pressure: 110/70 Urine sugar: Negative.

Summary: MASA Squalene is a treatment for hypertension and diabetes mellitus.


  • American College Gerontologist
  • Phil. College of Physicians
  • Phil. College of Gerontologists & Geriatrics
  • Phil. College of Chest Physician


  • Diseases of the elderly
  • Erectile dysfunction
Dr. Dardani C. David, M.D., FPCGG
License No. 025871

Heart ailment

“My diagnostic report disclosed that I had cardio-megaly or enlargement of the heart. My brother insisted that I take MASA Squalene, which I did. After a month taking 2 capsules before each meal, or 6 capsules a day, my diagnostic report now reads: ‘Both lung fields are clear. ‘The heart is not enlarged. IMPRESSION: Negative chest finding.’ I cried for joy and sincerely thank God and MASA Squalene for my heart improvement.” – Marie Gonzales, Ermita, Metro Manila, Philippines

Bedridden for 3 years

“I was bedridden for 3 years, suffering from kidney failure, high blood pressure, heart enlargement and arthritis. My doctor's advice was for me to undergo a kidney transplant, but I could not afford the exorbitantly high cost for the surgery. Moreover, I was 56 and ready to die, rather than suffer further the unbearable agony I have undergone for 3 long years. MASA Squalene was a talk-of-the-town and said to be a potent product for people suffering from various ailments.

“ I religiously took it, 3 capsules before each meal, day after day. The results: A few months since I started taking MASA Squalene, I miraculously recovered, and was able to get up from my bedridden status. Now I can travel to Manila and back to Baguio, and once again a healthy and active woman due to MASA Squalene." - Necitas Liwanen Polic-ew, 167-A Engineer's Hill, Baguio City, Philippines

Seriously ill with diabetes

“There was no more remedy to save my life; my days were numbered, I was told, so they released me from the hospital and stayed home to just wait until I die. This happened only a few weeks ago. I am 65 years old. A family friend, Juanita Sagario, a MASA Squalene Distributor, desperate to save my life, “fed” me with 8 capsules every 30 minutes, (rather than the usual 3 capsules before each meal or a total of 9 capsules a day). All in all, in that day, I took over 100 MASA Squalene capsules, as “food,” instead of a medicine for me. Amazingly, my blood sugar level turned to normal and I gained strength. My appetite had improved greatly and I enjoyed sound sleep, too, after taking that much MASA Squalene. Now I have recovered and back to a normal life. Thank you a million, Juanita, for surely having been used you by God to save my life with your terrific MASA Squalene.” - Florida Ibia, Laoag City, Philippines

Swollen arms and legs due to arthritis

“I regularly take 2 MASA Squalene capsules before each meal or 6 capsules a day for my swollen arms and hands due to acute arthritis. I could not move my fingers and it affected my whole body. After only 10 short days taking MASA Squalene, I noticed that my limbs had stopped swelling and the arthritis was gone. Honestly, I can testify to the whole world that MASA Squalene is truly a great product for arthritis.” – Ben Reyes, Pasig City, Philippines

Kidney dialysis

“I am a frail mother, 30, 4’10”, 95 lbs, then undergoing kidney dialysis thrice a week and I was paying P4,500.00 per session or P54,000.00 per month. (This was too much for my budget, as I have no other source of income, except that from my being a MASA Squalene Distribution Center Manager.) But when I started taking MASA Squalene, 3 capsules before each meal, I noticed my health has amazingly improved, and now I only have one (1) dialysis a week. I look forward to the day when I will totally stop my dialysis with MASA Squalene’s help.” – Cielo Caroline S. Garcia, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines

A casket was ready for a dying TB patient

“My case was hopeless, according to my doctor, and so I was released from the hospital due to advanced tuberculosis coupled with anemia that I was suffering from for a couple of years. My family had already bought me a casket and the dress I would wear when I die. All members of my family and some relatives and friends were around at home waiting for me to breathe my last. Then Mr. Ted Aquino, a MASA Squalene distributor arrived home and immediately punctured 10 capsules in softgel and dripped the squalene oil into my mouth, which I swallowed. I was told there were 30 capsules given to me in one short hour. Since I was no longer moving, one of my children came close to me and observed that I was still breathing. It was already at the middle of the night when slowly, after taking that heavy dosage of MASA Squalene, I got up from my seemingly comatose status and asked for food, as I was very hungry. From that night on when everyone thought I was going to die, but instead I recovered dramatically day after day and month after month, because of the great potency of MASA Squalene, which I regularly take everyday even up to the present time.” – Donata Carpio, Sta. Cruz, Pamplona, Cagayan, Philippines

MASA Squalene - terrific for acute arthritis and insomnia

“At 82, I had to walk with a cane because I was suffering from acute arthritis over my two feet. I tried several pain killer medications prescribed for me but all I got was a temporary relief. About two weeks ago, MASA Squalene was introduced to me. To my great surprise my arthritis was gone, and I can already manage to walk even without my cane.” – Lt. Encarnacion Hernandez, District Commander (ret.), 21st Battalion, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo Center, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

High blood pressure and difficulty in breathing

“I had been using other squalene brands for a long long time, 2 capsules before each meal or 6 capsules a day. Still my blood pressure read 170 over 100. I still had difficulty breathing and always felt dizzy. One day at the MasaHealth Office, the staff there explained the potency and efficacy of MASA Squalene to me, so I bought one Premium Box of 100 capsules, 500 mg/capsule. Now my high blood pressure read 130 over 80! I am fully convinced that MASA Squalene has helped me to return to good health.” - Aurora Canlas Gabion, #19 De Castro, Paso D Blas, Valenzuela City, Philippines

Aches, pains, insomnia, high blood pressure

I am sending herewith my true-to-life testimonial after using your MASA Squalene. I underwent surgery 2 months ago. Then a nurse, Mrs. Virgie Trago of Poblacion Pardo, Cebu, happened to visit me and share with me the benefits of MASA Squalene. My operation was a serious one, the removal of a kidney stone 7 inches in diameter. My right kidney was also removed. Case: Aches, pains, insomnia, high blood pressure – these occurred after the operation. So I bought MASA Squalene, 1 Premium Bottle, 100 capsules, 500 mg per capsule, and I followed the instructions to take 6 capsules daily:

Before taking MASA Squalene After taking MASA Squalene
a. Blood pressure: 180/100, 160/100, 150/100 a. Blood pressure: 130/80
b. Pains, aches, especially the affected areas b. Pains, aches disappear little by little and totally gone after 1 box of 100 capsules was consumed
c. I could hardly sleep 1 hour straight c. I can now sleep soundly, 3 to 5 hours s traight

MASA Squalene is a superb food supplement, which everyone should take, even without the prescription of doctors.” T-I-N – Try-It-Now!” -Miguela Abendan-Senerpida, 813 Linao, Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines Tel. 273-3665.

A diabetic with a toothache

“I was a diabetic; my fasting blood sugar: 180 mg%. My dentist refused to extract my tooth unless my sugar became normal. After 10 days taking MASA Squalene, 2 capsules before each meal, my urine sugar has become negative. And my tooth was therefore extracted.” – Mike R., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Diabetes and hypertension

“My husband, a lawyer, had tried prescribed medicines for his diabetes and hypertension, but all didn’t work. I tried to convince him to take food supplements , but he refused to take any. When my friend Lydia Reyes sponsored me in the MASA Squalene business, I started offering it to my husband. To my surprise, he began taking it regularly before each meal. I asked him why he liked MASA Squalene. He answered that ‘if I take Masa Squalene, I feel great and energetic, and my diabetes and hypertension don’t bother me at all.” – M. B. Ramos , Quezon City,Philippines

Six ailments gone

“Last December 25, my husband was diagnosed with 6 different ailments, namely: high cholesterol, angina, high sugar, a kidney problem, arthritis, and push. We are both unemployed and we couldn't afford the high cost of medication. Since the MASA Squalene was affordable, we bought 2 Premium Bottles which he used 6 caps/day for about 14 days and then had his second examination.We were amazed by the remarkable results of his tests because his blood pressure at 140/100 had dropped to 110/90, there were no more chest pains, he now had a normal sugar count, no more back pains and his urine was negative of pus; the pain in his knees was gone, and his sputum tests turned out negative, too.” - Rose T. Luciano, Baliwag, Bulacan, Philippines

Ulcers and asthma

“I had internal bleeding due to ulcers. My blood pressure was too low, and I always fainted. I also gasped for breath due to asthma. My wife then gave me 3 capsules of MASA Squalene before each meal, or 9 capsules a day. Surprisingly, I recovered fast; my internal bleeding stopped and my asthma did not bother me anymore.” - Antonio T., Marikina City, Philippines

Flu and asthma

“I am a pastor of the Church of Christ, 75 years old. Last May 5, I got sick with flu and asthma. I was not able to attend Sunday worship because I lost my voice, believing I could not deliver a sermon in the church. My wife gave me 2 capsules of MASA Squalene. The next day, Monday, I began taking 2 capsules before each meal within a 2-day period. The following day, Wednesday, I was able to take a bath, proving the effectiveness of MASA Squalene.” - Rev. F. L.Preciado, Jr., c/o Church of Christ, 7208 Lopez Jaena, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

30-year anguish ends with MASA Squalene

“For more than 30 years I have suffered from ulcers, migraine, dysmenorrhea, and, later, arthritis. When I heard of MASA Squalene, I took it immediately because of its LOW price, twice cheaper than the other squalene brand I was taking before. Kaya maraming maraming salamat sa Diyos at sa Masa Squalene dahil gumaling din ako. Niyaya ko na ang mga kapitbahay kong bumili. Ang Masa Squalene ang siyang lalong nagpapagaling sa akin at hindi na ako kumikirot tuwing mag-cr ako. Kaya regular ko nang ginagamit ang Masa Squalene.” - Mrs. Imelda "Meng" Reguya,. Apalit, Pampanga, Philippines

Dysmenorrhea, insomnia, asthma, aches and pains

“Every month I endured dysmenorrhea, aggravated by aches and pains, insomnia and asthma. I bought 1 MASA Squalene Premium Bottle I was then taking the other squalene brand. But what convinced me to try Masa Squalene was its 99.9% squalene content, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), Vitamin E (a-Tocopherol), and Iodine, all packed together. I took 6 capsules a day, 2 capsules before each meal. Amazingly, I felt the highly effective cleansing power of MASA Squalene in my system.” - Trinidad Rimorin, Parañaque City, Philippines

Ear infection
“My four-year old son had an ear infection for almost two weeks. He was under conventional medication given by an EENT specialist. However, after taking the prescribed medication, the infection still persisted. As I was about to bring my son back to the doctor, my uncle, a MASA Squalene networker, asked me to try his product for a day or two. I immediately applied two drops to the infected ear. I waited for the results for about an hour, then my son informed me that the pain in the infected ear had receded. After two days of treatment with MASA Squalene, the swelling and the pain were gone. My son began playing again. MASA Squalene indeed produces amazing results.” - Gilbert M. Laurel, c/o Doris Morena, San Isidro, Bombon, 4404 Camarines Sur, Philippines

Hearing disability

”People had to talk loud enough for me to make sense of what they were saying. Or I would frown and tilt my head so I could hear better. I asked people to speak louder so I could hear them. My wife found my hearing disability quite exasperating. I am 80 years old and I had to wear hearing aids but my hearing was still no good. Ear drops didn't help much. My doctor said that an operation on my deaf ears would not help. Then I learned about MASA Squalene from a friend. Before bedtime I would put a few drops in each of my ears. After three weeks, I woke up one morning to hear the phone ringing even without my hearing aids. I found I could again hear people well without any strain at all nor the need to ask them to speak a little louder. Goodbye, hearing aid! Goodbye, ear drops! Now, thanks to MASA Squalene, I can hear again!” – Ricardo N. Amon, #10 B Road 8, Proj. 6, Quezon City, Philippines Tel. 982-8930

Right ear totally deaf

“I am 75 years old and my right ear has been afflicted with total deafness for 15 long years. My EENT doctor says that there is no remedy for this because it is the result of degenerative illness. I dislike using any hearing aid because it is not only too expensive but also a nuisance and ugly, as it prominently protrudes over my ear. Upon reading the true-to-life testimonial of Ric Amon, last April 7, I punctured one MASA Squalene capsule in softgel, and dripped it inside my right ear. I did it every night for 20 consecutive nights. Then, to my great surprise, I discovered that my 15-year deafness had at last come to an end. When my sister in California called me up over the phone, I used them in my deaf right ear. I could already hear her loud and clear! A million thanks to MASA Squalene; it's truly a terrific product and yet cheap in price ever!” – D. Ordillas, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Advanced tuberculosis

“My health has been deteriorating day after day. I was becoming weak and occasionally spitting blood, as I cough furiously. My diagnostic report disclosed: “Advanced tuberculosis of both lungs.” The medications prescribed for me were not quite potent enough. Then a close family friend sold me a box of MASA Squalene, which I took 3 capsules 30 minutes before each meal, or 9 capsules a day. After a week, my coughing stopped and my spitting of blood too. I began enjoying a good appetite, sound sleep and was gaining weight and strength as well. After 2 months taking MASA Squalene, I had my x-ray again. To my doctor’s amazement, my lungs were already clear of tuberculosis.” - S.F. Malate, Metreo Manila, Philippines

Child’s stomachache and a bad cough

“My pretty little daughter Shane Nathalia, 9 months, was in pain and screaming due to stomachache and a bad cough. Since she was too young to swallow a 500 mg MASA Squalene capsule, I placed the squalene in a teaspoon. After a few minutes, Shane got well and stopped screaming and coughing.” - Nancy J. Co, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines Tel. 911-0841

Acute stomachache, loose bowels and vomiting

“One day I went to the Quezon City Hall on some business. Because it was time for lunch, I took “fish balls” and cold sago drinks from a sidewalk vendor. On my way back to the office, I suddenly suffered an acute stomachache. Instead of going to the office, I went directly home because I was twisted in pain. The medicines available at home were not good enough. I was vomiting and defecating a lot so I had to call my wife at work since I was already weak from pain. When she arrived, she quickly gave me 5 MASA Squalene capsules when she found me crying in pain. I took all 5 capsules at once. She wanted to call for a taxi to take me to the hospital but after only 10 minutes, my stomachache had disappeared. My vomiting and loose bowels had stopped like magic.” - Sol R, Quezon City, Philippines Tel. 913-7996

Head injury, etc.

“Some 20 years ago, a coconut dropped on my head. Since then, I have spent much to find a cure. However, what I needed was an operation in Manila to remove the big lump on my head but I could not afford it. I got to know Mrs. Heide Morena who told me to try MASA Squalene. I bought 10 capsules and began taking them. I finished two packs but my lump gave me a little pain. So instead of two capsules before each meal, I took three. That was 9 capsules a day. After a month, my fellow drivers noticed that my lump had shrunk!”– Venancio N. Bical, Duangniog Libmanan, CamarinesSur, Philippines

Degenerating bone disease

“This letter is to share my MASA Squalene experience with others. First, a little background on my condition. I have had extensive surgery on my lower back and neck due to degenerating bone disease. Now, the good part! I have been taking MASA Squalene for about 2 weeks. Recently I have noticed that I feel good enough to do something I once loved, and that is fishing!!! I have not been able to do this for years, as I’ve not been able to sit, stand or lie down for long periods of time before having the need to change my position!! I don’t even recall the last time I felt real relief! I am thrilled about this product.” – Artis A. Falkner-Rose, 1401 W. Smith #504 Kent, Washington 98032, U.S.A.

Heart, arthritis and ulcer problems

“I suffered heart problems some time ago and was confined to the ICU in the hospital for 12 days. I was given dextrose during that time. Then I stayed in the recovery room for another 2 days. But I received no relief, so I told my wife to take me home. Back home, my son bought me High Desert food supplements that became my food every day. My arthritis never improved, so did my ulcer. I became so discouraged that I prayed to God that if I would never get well again for him to take me so I could rest with him in his kingdom. Permit me to say at this point that I am 75 years old and the pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church, in Tambo, Pamplona. At last, one day a distributor of the product MASA Squalene explained its benefits over any ailments. I bought some capsules immediately and tried them at once. Thank God! I had not yet finished 20 capsules but I felt much better already. Now, after continued use, all my ailments – heart, arthritis and ulcers – are gone.” - Pastor Segundo Solomon, Tambo, Pamplona, Camaries Sur, Philippines.

Hemorrhoids, hyperacidity, arthritis

“Before, I had so many discomforts in my body. I was suffering from hemorrhoids, hyperacidity and arthritis. I've been to a lot of doctors and tried various medications and unfortunately I didn't get well. They were all in vain. Until one day, last year, a lady MASA Squalene distributor passed by our fire station and introduced MASA Squalene to us firemen. I was interested so I tried taking MASA Squalene. Right now, I'm very thankful to MASA Squalene because all my body discomforts are gone.” - N.M. Vergara. San Juan, Apalit, Pampanga, Philippines.

Swollen arms and legs due to arthritis

“I was a regular user of other local and Japanese-made squalene brands. I took 2 capsules every morning, but I could not take more than 2 capsules a day because the price was too much for me. Still my swollen arms and hands tortured me every day. I could not move my fingers and it affected my whole body. However, when I tried using 2 capsules of MASA Squalene before each meal, I noticed that my limbs had stopped swelling and the arthritis was gone. Now, I can say that MASA Squalene is more potent and the only answer for my arthritis.” -Nerissa Cordova, #4 Makabayan St., Nangka, Marikina City, Philippines

Arthritis, backaches and urinary problem

“I had tried different squalene brands before but stopped them because their prices had become too much for my meager income. This time I tried Masa Squalene because of its affordable price, twice cheaper than the expensive ones. Moreover, what attracted me most to MASA Squalene was its 99.9% squalene content and other essential vitamins. Thus, I thought it must be more potent and worth trying, too. After two days, I noticed my urine smelled bad and its color was dark yellow. But to my great surprise, within a week's time taking MASA Squalene, my urine had turned normal, and my arthritis and backaches were gone!” - Angel Clemente, 100-A Scout Ojeda St. , Quezon City, Philippines Tel. 374-7674.

Arthritis and gout

“Arthritis and gout have tortured me since I was 45 years old and for the next 14 years I was in pain. All the medicines the doctors prescribed for me didn’t work. Then from overseas came a godsend, MASA Squalene from deepsea shark liver oil, of sharks caught in Philippine deep seas. It’s absolutely the best ever; this MASA Squalene has stopped my arthritis and gout!” - William M. Calunsag, Seattle, WA, USA, Tel. (206) 763-2049

MASA Squalene a boon to US airlines people

“I had the privilege of introducing MASA Squalene to most of my airline friends and many have benefited and had some amazing results. One is Miss Jerry Murray, suffering from pain while walking and especially after getting up in the mornings and even at work while performing her duties. She was hesitant to try it at first, but after I gave her some of our brochures describing the benefits of MASA Squalene, she finally tried her first box,

“In just three days, with tears in her eyes, she couldn’t thank me enough for giving her MASA Squalene, just as she calls it a “MIRACLE DRUG.“ I corrected her and told her that its not a drug but just a plain God-given gift to ailing mankind. For several years she’s been walking in pain and walking awkwardly. Now she finally walks straight and could even cowboy dance, which she has not done for many years. Her whole family couldn’t believe the things that have changed her life, and just through her word of mouth and through all the people working with us in the Ramp Services. So let’s all spread the good news to all ailing people and it’s just a great feeling to see your loved ones and friends enjoying and loving MASA Squalene. It’s truly a terrific product!” – Eduardo Medina, 1120 El Camino Real, #257 Euless, Texas 76040, U.S.A., e-mail:

Gout over my right elbow

“My gout over my right elbow was protruding. The only remedy was to have it excised, according to my doctor. I inquired from one MASA Squalene distributor if his product could be of help, and he said there was nothing wrong of giving it a try. In about 2 months of taking MASA Squalene, 6 capules a day, my gout gradually disappeared. Now it is totally gone.” -James Garcia, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Prostate enlargement

“My prostate enlargement needed surgery, according to my doctor. The operation would cost me a fortune, and I had no money at all. In the meantime, a MASA Squalene distributor strongly suggested that I try the product, which I did. The recommended usage was 3 capsules before each meal, or 9 capsules a day. After a week, I felt great. My frequent urination no longer bothered me. Even my back pains and aches were gone. After over a month of taking MASA Squalene, I visited my doctor for another check-up. To his great surprise, my prostate enlargement was gone, and there was no more need for surgery. -J. Ward, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Little girl's ringworm gone

“My 2-year old daughter was afflicted with a skin allergy around her left ear, neck and arms. It looked like ringworm because the sides were reddish and watery. I became worried because when I applied ointment on her skin allergy, she still kept on scratching the affected areas. When a kindhearted neighbor saw my girl, she immediately gave me 5 capsules of MASA Squalene and taught me how to apply it in all the affected areas. After 3 days of application, I was surprised to see the affected areas dried up and no scars showed at all.” - Mayla A. Ortiz. Titus St., West Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines

Reddish psoriasis over the body, neck and face

“I work in Saudi Arabia. I was recently forced to take a long leave of absence because my co-employees did not even want to get close to me. They said my psoriasis looked contagious. All the different ointments for psoriasis prescribed by our company doctor did not work. For over two years, I consumed about a small bucket of different ointments. They were all ineffective. When I came home to the Philippines, one MASA Squalene distributor sold me a few Premium Bottles. He told me to take two capsules 30 minutes before each meal or 6 capsules a day, and some for me to uncap and apply the Squalene directly over my psoriasis. In a few days after doing this regularly, I noticed that my reddish psoriasis had started to disappear. The scales were gone. And in two months’ time, my psoriasis totally disappeared. Now I am back to work in Saudi Arabia.”.- R.C., Marikina City, Philippines

Immune system

“It’s a breakthrough…miraculous. Squalene from deepsea shark liver oil has worked like magic on my immune system.” - Ned Tanen, former president, Paramount Pictures, USA

Skin Disease

“I applied as a family driver for a business executive. I passed all the requirements, including the road test, good manners and right conduct, as supported by my police and NBI clearances. But he noticed that I had skin disease over the base of my two ears and around my neck. He said this skin disease looked unsanitary and contagious. Different ointments were prescribed for me but none worked well at all. However, I was given a Premium Bottle of MASA Squalene, 100 capsules, to be applied topically on the skin. I was told to take 2 capsules before each meal. To my great surprise, in 3 days my skin disease had begun to heal and dry up. Thank God, I was finally accepted and got employed. At the same time, the skin disease disappeared for good.” – Jimmy B. Berber, #8 Dahlia St., Banlat, T. Sora, Quezon City

Unbearable pain

“I had unbearable pain over my hips. Could not bear my weight. 80 years old, could not climb steps. After 2 days taking MASA Squalene, the pain was gone and now I feel good. My urinary tract opened up, I can hold out now, all night.” - Ben H. Shape, 1230 Mosswood Ext. Feffssomille Ford. 47130, USA

Migraine, bodily aches and pains

“For quite sometime I had been taking pain killers due to migraine and pains in my neck and head. I have spent a lot for such medical remedies but they never worked well enough. I tried MASA Squalene instead. And, believe me, MASA Squalene is more potent and my migraine, headaches and numerous bodily pains are gone.” - J. Guerrero, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Stamina booster

“I’m a retired military officer. At age 66, people expect me to spend my time in a rocking chair, with little energy for physical activity. However, I take MASA Squalene daily, which greatly boosts my stamina. One day two friends, both age 35, went jogging with me. It was a 10-kilometer run uphill and another 10-kilometer run downhill. My two companions were already gasping for breath during the run but I was still breathing easily. I could do it again with much younger people, thanks to my daily use of stamina-boosting MASA Squalene.” - Lt. Faustino (Dan) Ballesteros, (Ret.), Cubao, Quezon City, Tel. 913-3488

Third-degree burns on right hand

“One morning, our family cook tried to stick the freezer plug into a defective socket. There was a flash and crackle as electric power burned the fingers of her whole right hand. It was the shock of her life. I was also shocked because it was not an ordinary burn; it was a third-degree burn. It was fortunate we had plenty of MASA Squalene at home. Immediately, I instructed her sister, who also works at home, to pour MASA Squalene into a cup. She dipped all her fingers in it and - voila! Her terrible pain was gone like magic and her fingers healed very quickly.” - JJV, White Plains, Quezon City, Philippines

Sore eyes

“Last month I had to wear dark glasses because of sore eyes, a highly contagious sickness that could easily affect members of my family and officemates as well. My eyes were reddish and itchy. My good friend Nancy suggested that I place two drops of MASA Squalene on both eyes, twice a day; once in the morning and another in the afternoon would help. I did it, as she suggested. True enough, the following day the soreness in my eyes began to subside. On the 3rd day, I no longer had to wear dark glasses as my sore eyes had healed.” – Delia Daluyen, WLAC , San Marcelino, Zambales, Philippines

Bedridden with bedsores

“I bought a Premium Bottle of MASA Squalene for my mother. She had bedsores from being bedridden for three years. But, after using MASA Squalene, she was able to get up. She has regained her strength and mental alertness. Her bedsores have healed and dried up by taking MASA Squalene orally and topically applying it on the bedsores.” -Susan C., Paco, Manila, Philippines

Viagra vs. Masa Squalene

“I was asked if I take Viagra, but I don’t. To me, MASA Squalene is more effective than any love enhancer. Besides, it is not only a lot safer but its price is but a drop in the bucket compared to Viagra. I am now 65 years old, but since I began taking MASA Squalene, my wife has been complaining of my aggressiveness.” - Bob T., Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Prize-winning rooster got ill

“I made a lot of money when my rooster won two derbys. But recently, it fell ill. It would cost me a fortune if it died. A million thanks to MASA Squalene. It performed a miracle on my prize-winning rooster. Now it is ready for another derby.” – FCR,, Cavite City, Philippines

A pet dog’s falling hair and loose bowels

“I love my pet dog and I felt sad when it suffered from falling hair. Worse yet, one day, it also suffered from loose bowels. What I did was to mix MASA Squalene with spoonfuls of food. I did this for her once a day for one week. The loose bowel problem was easily solved in one day. But, a few days later, her falling hair also stopped.” - Brando V., Quezon City, Philippines

Important Note

Although MASA Squalene is not a medicine or a drug, much less a panacea, the Greek work for “cure-all,” trying this precious dietary supplement, whatever your health problem is, will certainly be worth your while. Hence you should really give MASA Squalene a good try, for TRYING IS BELIEVING! If it works for you as those whose true-to-life testimonials are written above, please get in touch with us. Your testimonials will be added to the fast-growing file we keep for future publications, as we see fit.


The foregoing unsolicited true-to-life testimonials from satisfied MASA Squalene users are NOT in any manner intended to advertise, promote or make any representation, whether expressed or implied, that the product has any therapeutic effect or benefit, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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